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Rewards FAQ

Maya Rewards FAQ

Name, cell phone number (your cell number will be used to look up your account) and a valid email address.

Maya Rewards will use information in this profile to bring members information that specifically applies to them. PLUS, once a profile is complete and verified a FREE medium popcorn will be loaded to the account.

A new Maya Rewards member will receive a verification email once the profile has been completed. On this email there will be a button that reads “Activate Account” once the account is activated, rewards are loaded, and a member is ready to earn and redeem.

This is required. There are many free email services available including Gmail, Yahoo or iCloud for iPhone users.

No, this is why we use a cell phone number as a unique username. Whenever at the box office or concession give your number/username and you’ll receive points for every purchase.

You can log in to rewards on and see your point balance as well as any rewards you have.

To join Maya Rewards you need to be 13 years old with a valid phone number and email address.

No, each account needs a unique phone number and unique, valid email address.

Go to and login to rewards. Now, when you go to purchase a ticket through the website you will not be charged a ticket fee. Please remember this only applies to Maya Reward members on Tickets bought on other sites such as Fandango will incur ticket fees and surcharges.

Yes, you have 30 days from your birthday to redeem this ticket!

Once you reach 100 points you can redeem for a $5 reward at box office or concessions. At 250 points you can redeem a regular admission ticket.

Yes. Every point earned expires 1 year or 365 days later.

Yes, after 5 visits every year you will achieve Gold level where you will earn more. After this you can become a Platinum Level member after 12 visits. Much more info to come on this!

Visit Guest Services at your Maya Cinema or contact